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After purchasing this option you will instantly be sent the link by email to add my whats app. This is where you will then begin receiving my broadcast VIP forex signals for the next 30 days; My daily trade set ups, which you copy and paste into the meta trader app.


Without having a mentor in forex is like trying to sail across the ocean without a map or compass. Imagine you want to sail to the Maldives but you have no map or no experience, and no training. Your just letting the boat take you wherever and hope that it works out okay. You're never going to reach the maldives! but this is what so many people try to do with forex, floating around without a cause. Hoping that something will change.


All the education in the world is not going to be enough if you dont have a mentor to guide you to success.


If you dont change something the next 6 months are going to turn out exactly like the last 6 months have! 



Spaces are limited there are a lot of people who need my help! I will be closing this offer shortly.


I charge £79 a month for my signals because I wake up at 5am everyday to study the charts so you dont have to, i then begin sending signals, signals can be sent at anytime depending on the market, i send between 3-6 signals everyday. 


My mission at trade like amy is to help vulnerable people and stop many people from being lured into trading by people online who don't understand what they are actually doing. We don't want people to be wasting money and paying thousands for products and services that are worthless. 

All you need to do is copy and paste my signals from Whats app to metatrader. You do not need any previous knowledge of how to trade forex, i do all the analysis for you and explain how to get set up.



Monthly VIP Forex Signals

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