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"You're not successful unless you can teach someone to achieve his or her own success." @thejetsetmama

"Amy is widely known and trusted by celebrities, footballers and entrepreneurs as a reputable forex trader & international business woman. Choosing a reputable expert is a must when learning to trade. You need someone who can prove their own success, someone who cares and someone who is open and honest." @rachelrose2288


Welcome to my website I am here to help you learn to trade forex! I share my ups and downs on social media as transparency/ social proof so you can get your advice directly from a professional.

Thank you for trusting me to lead you in the right direction; rapidly regarding trading forex. I have been studying trading for years now, like any investments it carries risks, but so does crossing the road! you should only invest what you can afford to lose. No risk = No reward. 


The last few years have been crazy over at @thejetsetmama ​I get so many people ask me daily how I trade forex so I thought I would make an educational website to help as many people as I can replicate my success, which has led me to write a PDF of my most profitable strategy.

Why choose me? it's smart to learn from your own mistakes, but learning by the mistakes of others is wise. Im here to help you cut down the learning curve - speed implementation and make a rapid change. If your not happy with where you are at financially, you need a new plan. Take action, try a new strategy- accountability by me, who's been there before and done this already. Trade like Amy.




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