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My mission is to inspire educate motivate and mentor YOU because my motto in life is "what you give, you get back x10"

Whether you are going through divorce, a single mum, suffering from an illness or struggling with money,  the time is NOW to believe that you create your own reality and control your life, I am living proof of that.


I’ll show you exactly how to begin your transformational journey to true WEALTH & FREEDOM. I’ll also share how I went from living on benefits, homeless with 3 children to becoming a forex trader.

I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist, devoted partner, mother of three beautiful children plus 5 bonus step children! You can follow me here  I now inspire millions of people around the world to be successful online entrepreneurs, but it hasn't always been this way.

After a failed marriage and messy divorce I lost everything; my friends, my home, my car and I walked away with debt, a few suitcases. There were some days I didn’t know how we were going to eat. After a few years of moving around in rented accommodation and fighting cancerous cells of the cervix I hit rock bottom.


Everywhere I went people looked down on me like I was worthless, a single mum of 3 with nothing! Even people around me told me nobody will want you with 3 kids. I knew I had to change as I wanted to be a positive role model for my children. I wanted to be able to provide for my children on my own. I didn't know how I was going to do it but I made a decision things had to change.

I started studying the law of attraction which has been in the media recently after Conor McGregor admitted it helped him, the law of attraction is this; the belief that a person brings positive or negative experiences onto their lives simply by focusing on positive or negative thoughts. That energy good or bad attracts identical energy. Positive thoughts- attract positive thoughts and experiences, while negative thoughts attract negative results and experiences. Therefore humans can influence their lives in specific or negative ways simply with the power of their own thoughts. The law of attraction adherents believe we have the power to will specific things and moments into existence by visualizing things. By acting as if we've already received or experienced the thing or moment we are visualizing.

Fast forward 4 years of studying The Law of Attraction and visualising my success, I’m now living with my fiancé we spend our time travelling the world with all 8 kids!!! yes we take ALL 8 with us! whilst running my hugely successful forex business. I have several other business's including with offices all over the UK and Dubai, I advise everyone from celebrity clients to YOU on a daily basis on how to invest in Forex, making my life a dream.

I believe everything happens for a reason and there is a purpose why you have found me today, I get asked everyday for my business secrets- how I travel the world, how I trade and how you can you replicate my success. If I answered everyone I would never get to work or travel! so I've put it all here so you can now join my team of hugely successful internet entrepreneurs, partner with me and I will help you create your own online success and I cant wait to help you transform your life like I have mine!


Please follow me on Instagram so you can keep motivated inspired and in touch with me daily. I mentor because it is important for me to leave a legacy and educate my children. Why? because managing your finances is not taught in schools!.

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